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Animal lovers are always asking if there is some way they can help the animals at the shelter. Sponsoring an animal with a $100 donation is a great way to help.  This level of donation can help cover the costs of providing daily care and routine medical attention. 

We invite you to come to Upland Animal Shelter at 1275 San Bernardino Road in Upland (or click on the links on the website's front page) to pick that dog or cat you would LOVE to adopt but can't, and then donate towards their adoption.  That animal that you want so much to go home will have a better chance of finding that forever home.

Do you need a suggestion on who to sponsor?  Dogs and cats ages 6+ are sometimes hard to place in loving, forever homes.  There are always senior animals needing a helping hand.

Ready to sponsor someone special?  Go to the donation form and select "Sponsor An Animal."

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