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Friends of Upland Animal Shelter operates the Upland Animal Shelter in partnership with the City's Animal Control Officers and is dedicated to helping every adoptable animal find a loving home.


  Visit Us at Upland Animal Shelter
1275 San Bernardino Road, Upland
(909) 931-4185

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Note from the Board of Directors and Staff of Friends of Upland Animal Shelter:

We are all extremely saddened by the destruction caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and their devastating effects on so many people and their pets. Our hearts go out to all of them. 

As an organization that believes in saving pets, we have pledged to accept animals from any of the affected areas who are ready to be adopted.  This will help free up space in local shelters for lost animals who are directly affected by these hurricanes, and allow their families to find them.

We thank you for your support and encourage you to make a difference where you can.  It is going to take all of our efforts to help everyone recover.

2nd Chance Thrift Shop
 1028 W. 9th Street, Upland
(909) 920-6020

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New items arrive daily.  See our shop's webpage and Facebook page for news and information on special events.

Thank You for Your Support!

Your donations and purchases support the care and adoption of animals at the Upland Animal Shelter who need their second chance.

Lil' Red is one of many animals at Upland Animal Shelter who has received special medical care because of your donations and support. 

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